The awesome power of Om
rock devil
Turn up your speakers to maximum and revel in the awesome power of Om, the bass-and-drums rhythm section from now-defunct doom juggernaut Sleep.  

A few weeks ago I was playing along to it and had a most remarkable experience which I won't go into here.  Ever since, I cannot get this song out of my head, it has been playing constantly in the background of both my waking and dreaming life for weeks now.  

And when I plug in my bass into a distortion pedal and then into my old Traynor YBA-4 to jam out on it, we shake the foundations of the house playing along.  One of the most massive, crushing and satisfying bass riffs ever; who needs guitar solos?

Lesson learned, and better options found
unicorn pug
So I did a little research by talking to various sources in between my unbelievably excrutiating electro session, and the silver Vespa is almost certainly a Vietnamese bodge job.  Turns out there is big business in putting together 'restored' scooters by welding together frames from wrecked / scrapped scoots and using a lot of bondo.  Not a problem until your frame falls apart while on the road.  No thanks!!!!  Too bad, it was very pretty.

But, in that strange way that life has, in the process of doing my research, I stumbled across an even more interesting specimen.  An '86 P 80 from Germany, with no weirdness going on, it's a straight-up bike in unusually nice shape.  Nothing unusual about a P 80 (X in this case), except that this one is going for quite a bit less than usual, despite having extremely low mileage with a strong motor.  Why?  Umm, apparently the colour, which was a special edition for that year (complete with fancy blue accents and a special two-up blue seat) has dissuaded some buyers...

Yes, it's a light pink Vespa fit for a princess.  Need I say more?  Fuck this is screaming for a lovely unicorn sticker somewhere.

my first lj entry
unicorn pug

OMG, rainbows unicorns ballet NKOTB horses balloons stickers and... ??!?

Not sure what to say...

Haven't really figured out lj yet so re-editing my original entry, haha....

This is an attempt to stay in better touch w/ some friends, and maybe even gossip about girly-girl stuff which I rarely ever get to do... hee hee


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